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nikt's Journal

The Child
15 May
Nikt The Child

Crimson flood upon my tongue,
Senseless rhymes and riddles sung.
Death and pain and orgasmic joy...
I'm gonna take you home as my new toy.

Name: Nikt

Species: Vampire

Age: 97

Apparent age: 9

Highth: 3'10

Weight: 96

Hair: Dark brown, short, soft, and messy.

Eyes: A light, mint green colour.

Description: Small and wraith-like. Always seems malnourished, and has an innocence to his features that often gets others to think him no threat. Normally found wearing dark blue jeans and a grey buttton up shirt that looks like a shirt someone twice his highth should be wearing. Often seen carrying around either a worn Teddybear, or a yoyo. His cute smile can disarm the most suspicious of people. Recently he has gotten a tattoo of a baby devil, with diaper, forked tail, and trident, playing with a yoyo.

Items: Teddybear. One arm is the handle to a silver knife. A simple twist will pull it out. The whole thing is heavier then teddybears should be, but its contents are a mystery.
Yoyo. Silver wire, with a leather finger hold. Nothing much else, but he's an expert with it.

Skill: Infiltration. This lil boy, has learned over the past century, how to use his small size and affinity for darkness to his best abilities, moving through alley ways, streets, even homes, with nary a sound, nor sight unless he wants you to see him. He doesnt know much about disarming security systems, but he knows how to avoid setting them off. Lockpicking, and being able to see where alarms are, helps him get many places.

Powers: A simple gaze into his eyes can sap the will of any, Human or Vampire, and make them charmed with the boy. His cuteness and clever mind, strengthened by the hypnotic gaze is quite a power. And like most, he is much stronger then he looks. And the fact that he's dead gives him advantages, never tiring, never needing breath. And when he has had enough blood that night, his healing tends to be quite rapid.

Flaws: He is afraid of sunlight, and will never go out in the day. It hurts too much. And if he does not get enough access to blood, he will get weaker and weaker until he does. And he burns through the blood quickly, needing more then his size would indicate. The normal stab through the heart will kill him, as will beheading or spinal cleavage.

Personality: Nikt uses his child-like body to its best advantage. Often wondering the streets at night, he'll pretend to be lost, and cry. Soon enough some kind hearted human will take pity on him, and thats where Nikt's next feed comes in. Outside, he is undeniably cute and innocent, kind and gentle. Care free and fun loving. But inside he is manipulating, darkminded and Evil. Over the decades his desires have slowly matured, and when its safe, he will let these desires out, often causing death and despair in the process. Only recently has someone affected him mind and soul, enough, to make him seriously question his ways. But still despising she who brought him into the land of Darkness, he sees all Humans, Vampires, Werebeasts, and everyone else as his victims. His prey. His world.