The Child (nikt) wrote,
The Child

Dear Journal

Another night with Dru i spent. It wasn't exactly planned. She cornered me at a mini-mart, as i was buying ciggeretes and beer. I hid the cigs from view. Didn't want her to get suspicious on my plans to make her stop smoking, and slow the drinking. Replacing her cigs and ale with the same, but modified to include traces of silver liquid. Lets see her suck those fumes into her lungs eh? I'll start off small, then go to a higher dose slowly. Hmmm..I might have to get a werewolf for testing, to see the effects. I wonder where to find...oh, the night! Yes. Well, pretty much all we did was talk a bit more, learn a bit more about eachother, and watch a movie. It was funny, but i enjoyed it much more then i would have alone, because she was there. It's strange, finding pleasure in the touch of something warm...soft. Soemthing reasuring. Something...I want.

Darkest desires,
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