The Child (nikt) wrote,
The Child


Tonight. I'm not exactly in the best of moods. I went to a magic shop, hoping to buy something I need. Some powder that I can wear in a bag around my neck. hopefully it will nullify my "death" scent. What werecreatures and such use to know im a Vampire. I shouldnt be too reconizable as a threat with it. That wasn't the problom though. I got the stuff, for free even. But the girl who sold it...damn her! I wanted to play. Its been so long since I've played with anyone, and i wanted her. She was alluring, and mysterious. No Dru, but she would have done greatly for a night...but the damn bitch denied me. Charm and all. I was close too...I know i was. She even had the gall to give me the card of a necromancer, said to get an older body and she'd let me at her. if she only knew...I wish i could. Damn her...she made me sad. I hate being sad.
I remember when i was sad when i lived..mother always use to pet my hair, and give me a cookie. I don't have a mother any more..nor can I eat cookies. But..I can go out for blood. The night is still young. I believe one lucky human just volunteered themselves...

I'll write more later.
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