The Child (nikt) wrote,
The Child

Dear Journal

Much has happened lately. I met up with one very nice lady. We had a wonderful night on the town, slaughtering and feeding off of teenage lovers. She awed me with her prowess. It was a night to remember to be sure....
Unfortunently the humans were protected. Nothing I couldn't handle. Some stupid Vampire new to the darkness, and his even younger Muscleman...but I was wounded pretty bad. A demon lady...Roz i think her name is, pretty, as demons go, she saved me. Was able to feed off her until my wounds healed. Man, i didn't know knife's in one's stomach hurt so much. I'll have to remember that for later...
But, not in this town. I have the feeling that no matter what I do, I wont be liked. And I might as well move ahead 'fore Sister Sin makes an appearance. So, I'm prolly just going to pack up, and leave. Dun' know how long it will take to pack all my toys, switch bank accounts and find a ship where i can travel in the room during the day undisturbed. They tend to not like children on board alone. Might have to kidnap an adult just to get away with it. Oh well. G'night Journal.
Maybe i'll open you once more, on another Island.

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