The Child (nikt) wrote,
The Child

Dear Journal

Last night was a night to remember. Easter Sunday, one of the most religious days. Hehe, religion. The foolish sheep.
Anyways, the girl. 16 years old, and quite a bit worried. Seems she decided to go party with a few friends, sneaking out of the house. But then the innocent girl decided to walk home, instead of letting her drunk friends drive her back. Lil' girl got lost. What was a poor child like me to do but take advantage? She tastes soooo good. And her muffled whimpers only add to the pleasure of the bite. I wonder how long it will be before her parents give hope of ever seeing her again...I'm certainly not going to set her free.
Well. It was fun, but the craving has come upon me again. I'll write again tomarrow.
Sweetest nightmares, and Darkest Desires,
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