The Child (nikt) wrote,
The Child

Dear journal,

I met a lady this eve. An intresting one. Very pretty. My mouth still tingles with the merest taste of her skin. I wanted to bite her so much!
But, alas, she was not alone. The man she was with, made me...uncomfortable. To say the least. Too bad the sun came up before we could be properly introduced. She would have made a fine meal.
Unlike the Human whore I have tied up here. I took her gag off so she could get a bit of apple juice. (Needs her fluids to regain the blood.) and the girl actually offered herself to me. S'long as I didnt kill her. And I do not speak of offering me her neck. Oh well, it looks like these years, you can not find a proud virgin anywhere.
Use to be that when you took a girl to feed, she would fight...and -then- scream and beg for mercy. Ah well...I'm sick of her thin blood any ways, and her whimpers are no fun any more. I need a new playmate...
...And I think I know where to find her.
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